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Why is the right frame size important?

What is the Frame Size?

You may often hear people talk about the frame size of a bike and wonder what this is. In simple terms, the frame size if the measurement taken from the centre of the pedal crank to the top of the seat-tube. Larger frame sizes have longer tubes, which increase the height of the saddle above the ground. As a bike grows (and shrinks) proportionally, as the length of this seat-tube grows, so to does the length of the top-tube which in literal terms means that the handlebars become further away from the saddle too.

Small frames therefore have a lower seat height and shorter handlebar reach. Larger frames have higher saddles and further distance between the saddle and handlebars.

We have a simple answer:

Many companies provide approximate minimum and maximum rider heights based on complex calculations of frame sizes, wheel sizes, average rider heights etc.

We believe life should be kept simple for you, so every bike has it’s own individual sizing chart to show you what maximum and minimum saddle heights each bike is has. All you need to do is know what length leg you have (You should know this from your jeans size!) and if it falls within the range of heights stated on the diagram then the bike should fit you fine! It’s that simple!

No charts, no complex calculations – just a straight forward decision. Look for the sizing charts within the image carousel in the “Our Bikes” section, for the bike that you like.

Finding your frame size

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